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If only people would be this celebratory about their looks everywhere else. Or take as many opportunities outside of Burning Man to make a statement. Some of the outfits (or lack thereof) are simply wonderful. From a hurridly applied bodypainting, to a carefully assembled assortment of interesting things found at thrift stores, to carefully constructed outfits, at least everyone here has made more of an interesting statement with their dress than I see in a month in the Normal World.

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Did the handlebars make these two rideable? I never found out.
Mmmmm. Mudflaps
But at least she had all the proper safety gear to be taken on the road.
Yes Mistress!
What's to say, except:
Yes Mistress!
Zebras, and cats.
Lindz the zebra, and Lisa the bobcat.
With an outfit this good, I had to ask her to pose. What a great scheme!
Waiting for the costume judging. Neat outfit, great light. I should have asked if the wings opened.
Yipes! Stripes!
Stripes! Lots of them! The zeeb falls in love! Or maybe it's just that body-stocking the one lady's wearing.
Temporary tattoo
Nice tattoo.
Hey, minimalisim is an art, isn't it?
Tugrik, the guy with all the power. Literally. He brought a whole solar/wind set up with him so we could run laptops and recharge batteries.
Tugrik's power station
Nice windmill, eh? Oh, Tug brought glow wire too, the same stuff the Fruit of the Lumen guys use.
Fresh paint.
My partner in crime, (the stripey one on the left) insisted that I had to 'fit the theme', so I ended up getting a giraffe paint job.
Fresher paint.
The ever so popular rear view. I'm still washing that paint out of things. Lindz did do a spectacular job on the suit he made for himself.
Zebra man, cow woman.
Black and white. Everyone loves the contrast, even when it doesn't involve stripes.
How to stay cool.
The less you wear, the the less the temperature bothers you.
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