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Burning Man 1999
The Burn

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The Man. He dominates the whole camp, and why shouldn't he? He is why we all went to the trouble of gathering in this place. He is the center of this celebration, mentally as well as physically. One thinks about the Man daily. Hourly. He is inescapable.
We all came to watch him burn, for whatever reason. Whether it's simple pyromania, a need for a good party, or something much more spiritual. Everyone who comes to visit the Man in days prior to the burn seems to be in awe of the entity who's death we have all come to experience.

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Checking out the view.
Nights previous to the burn you can enjoy the view from the pedestal of the Burning Man.
But how tall is he?
Here's an idea of just how tall he really is. Note the length of the legs in relation to the people underneath.
Looking up.
Looking straight up. Yep, he's tall.
Friday night, two colors.
Friday night. Notice the second set of neon has been lit. Anticipation across the camp builds as Burn Day gets closer.
Remembering the firefighters.
A tribute.
To all the firefighters.
In memoram.
In memoram. Never does one feel ones mortality so keenly as when viewing something like this.
The lamplighting ceremony begins.
The start of the Lamplighting ceremony. The avenue to the Man is lined with these oil lamps on the night of the burn.
Lamps being hung.
The lamps are hung on the lamp posts as the sun sets.
I hope those are just tied on.
The head of the Lamplighting procession. I hope those are just tied on. Yes, he jingled as he walked.
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