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The art is always interesting. There is always too much for anyone to see it all, and in the case of performances, one just has to be in the right place at the right time. Some of my favorites this year were the submarine breaching out of the playa floor, and the solar-powered metal pea plant that glowed at night. There was also the Water Boy, and the Thunder Dome, but I somehow never made it back to those spots when the performances were happening.

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Danger Ranger rides again!
A metallic buffalo rolling across the arid playa. It was sculpted out of rebar and wire, and was 'donated' to the rangers.
Wild Woman of Borneo
Shades of the sideshow carnival. Come See the Wild Woman of Borneo! Positively Alive!
A late afternoon barbecue.
A late afternoon barbecue. Always use a unique ingredient so as to stand out from the crowd.
Some competing chefs
Some competing chefs seemed nonplussed at the choice of ingredients however.
Camp Mylar!
Camp Mylar! I bet they have a lower air conditioning bill than some.
a fruit as transportation
How novel, a fruit as a mode of transportation.
Some interestingly transparent flags.
A flame-throwing dragon
A flame-throwing dragon under construction.
The Jyna camp
The Jyna camp, dedicated to That Precious Flower of the Desert.
The mission statement
A close-up of the mission statement, along with a couple examples.
Lingam Camp
The (I assume) Lingam Camp. A fitting counterpoint to the Jyna camp.
A rocket-powered golf cart?
A rocket-powered golf cart? With sacraficial maidenhead bumper?
The Water Boy
The Water Boy. Jump in, put the mouthpiece in, and let someone submerge you in water. In the middle of the desert.
Splish-splash I was takin a bath...
What a fun idea. Apparently there's a two person model too. Oooooo.
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