View of the front of the aquarium at sunset.

The Stephen Birch Aquarium

Overlooking La Jolla, CA.

Photographs and text by

Matthew Kiwala

All images are copyright 1996 by Matthew Kiwala & Magic Ink.

I photographed the construction of the new Stephen Birch Aquarium from the groundbreaking all the way to it's completition two years later. The bulk of the construction was done by the Kvaas corporation.

Before the groundbreaking.
Looking north. Before the construction began, the hill was used as a radio relay station for keeping in touch with the research ships. The towers to the right are where the aquarium is today.
Looking south at the beginnings of the aquarum.
Looking south, you can see the bare beginnings of the aquarum. La Jolla is in the backround.
The front of the aquaruim at about the halfway point. The building was mostly complete, but all the tanks and plumbing still needed finishing.
The entrance of the building after the gates. Sign is still missing, and palms are only a month or so old.
Overview of Aquaruim.
Looking south, an overview of the aquarium near completion.
The aquarium at sunset.
Looking south, the aquarium at sunset. Shortly after the opening.

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